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I am the embodiment of all things we have come to call "feminine..."  moon-kissed and sea-washed; a mermaid of the deep waters.  I channel this energy to the world, and to those who can receive it.  Here are some of its qualities:

Gentle   Truthful   Deep   Trusting   Sensitive   Divinitory   Prophetic   Perceptive   Vulnerable   Magical   Sensual   Compassionate   Loving   Supportive   Cooperative   Connecting   Nurturing   Muse-ical   Poetic   Artistic   Tender   Witchy   Sweet   Enchanting   Heartful   Romantic   Psychic   Intuitive   Fine-tuned   Faery-like   Idealistic   Innocent   Childlike   Egalitarian   Open   Magnetic   Pulling   Creative

MY DEVOTION:  In this lifetime  and in many others I have been trained as a Priestess. My devotion is to the Goddess, particularly in Her expressions as Muse, Lover, and Faery Queen.  I call Her Aphrodite, Mnemosyne, (nem-AH-sinee), Hecate, Ainne (aunya), Sarasvati, Voc, Gaiea, Ariadne, Oshun, Spider Woman, Isis, Yemayah, Kwan Yin, Sh'khinah... and by many other sacred Names...

THE REAL THING:  Part of a priestess' duties has always been to serve as oracle and provide insightful counsel to those seeking spiritual guidance.  What wonderful times we live in, when these skills are becoming widely available once again.  Unfortunately, not all advertised readers are trustworthy or coming from loving motives.  There is opportunism and abuse in the psychic gold rush and seekers can be challenged in their search for the "real thing."  True readers too are challenged by the false expectations and misunderstandings perpetrated by corrupt marketeering.  How can you tell if those you contact are sincere?  See my article "AM I A REAL PSYCHIC?" for some guidelines.  Also see tips from Hannah, Psychic Consultant of J&D Visions, Inc., at this link:


MY TAROT CREDENTIALS:  I have studied and worked with the tarot for over 40 years.  I've read the cards professionally for at least 30 years; at fairs and conferences, on the radio, in my home temple, in bookstores and online.  I was a reader with Astronet during their final year, and still have a spot at Astronet/Keen under the name ASTROAria.  (Go to the Cavelet "TO ORDER A READING" for links  to my other online venues.)  Tarot is integral to my priestess work, and I have led many classes, workshops, and rituals that incorporated its wisdom.  I have written numerous tarot songs, and consider them a profound outgrowth of my study.  I have also created my own round Goddess tarot deck ("Shekhinah's Tarot"), a process that deepened my understanding and continues to do so, and opened my channel as a reader.  For details on my deck go to the cavelet ABOUT SHEKHINAH'S TAROT DECK.  For more information about my background and qualifications go to the cave ABOUT SHEKHINAH. 

  MY READING STYLE is interactive and conversational, and I welcome your input and information.  The more you can open your heart and share your truth with me, the better my readings will be.  I take my cues from you, and your requests and signals evoke my response.  All readings are confidential, and your privacy is honored.  I seek always to be loving, compassionate, and non-judgmental;  to respect each client's point of view... yet to be honest too, and say what I see.  If I see positive potential or outcomes, I can celebrate these and look for cards that point the way to helping them along.  If I see difficulties or negative potentials, I can look for cards that indicate causes, preventatives and solutions.  Ask me for what you want, tell me what you need, and know I will do my best to create safe and sacred space for your reading experience.

DESTINY AND FREE WILL:  The future is rarely written in stone.  While I believe in the Goddess as Fate and honor Her emanations as the Triple Goddess or Moirae who spin, weave and cut the threads of Destiny, I also believe in Free Will.  What we have seeded in the past develops in the present and tends to solidify into futures.  Each of us has divine magical power, and contributes much to our circumstances by our attitudes, choices, and behaviors.  There is personal karma, family karma, group karma, national karma, and world karma, and all play a part in the influences that affect our lives.  A reading can help to understand these, and it can also show us where our own responsibilities come in, what choices we have, and what we might do about them.

THE WAY I WORK:  For the most part when I offer readings online, or by phone, I work informally with the cards, simply stirring them, concentrating, praying for divine guidance; turning them over in synch with our conversation and questions.  If you come to me in person at Gateways bookstore, I will ask you to choose the cards in a similar manner.    This style works well for brief readings and is the only kind I offer at the bookstore.  I can however, offer more formal readings online or by phone, using a variety of layouts, if you wish. 

LAYOUTS:  A layout is a pre-designed pattern of positions for the cards; each one named for a topic such as Livlihood, Relationships, Health, and so on.  I and some of my friends have created a number of layouts over the years,  designed to address particular subjects.  Some of these are: Aphrodite's Layout, A Couple's Chakra Layout, The Labyrinth Layout, Hecate's Underground Yoni Layout (with the help of Shu Nah Si Rose), and the Tree of Life Layout by Ondine Webb de Mer.  The layout I use most frequently is my Tarot Wheel; a circular pattern composed of 13 positions: Self, Relationships, Environment, Immediate Past, Immediate Future, Health, Livlihood, Background, the Wild Card, Spirituality, Change, the Wish Card, and the Outcome.  Readings that use layouts usually take more time than informal readings, and are great for more extensive, inquiries.

TAROT BACKGROUND AND TRAINING:  I have been reading the tarot professionally since my 30s...  over thirty years.  My relationship with the tarot began during the 1960s when I was living in Los Angeles, California, and studying a variety of esoterica.  At that time I attended tarot classes at The Builders of the Adytum in Pasadena, a school of Hermetic teachings, and offspring of The Order of the Golden Dawn.  I was most fortunate to have the great Ann Davies as my teacher there. Ann has now passed to the spirit realm.  In addition I studied many tarot writings on my own including those of A.E. Waite, Mouni Sadhu, Baron Rackozi, Manly P. Hall, Aleister Crowley and Paul Case.  Later, in my feminist studies I found insight in the works of Vicki Noble (Motherpeace Deck), Barbara.G.Walker (The Secrets of the Tarot), Sally Gearhart and Susan Rennie (A Feminist Tarot).  Tarot studies never end, and I am currently finding wisdom and inspiration in The Faeries' Oracle by Brian Froud and Jessica MacBeth, Tarot of the Spirit by Pamela Eakins, The Inner Child Cards by Lerner and Lerner, The Mythic Tarot by Sharman-Burke and Green, Flash Silvermoon's The Wisewoman's Tarot, and many others.

I also took the B.O.T.A. tarot correspondence course, working with the deck created by Paul Case.  Students of these teachings are instructed to color a black and white version of the deck; a wonderful experience that taught me so much.  As my primary path has always been musical, I was inspired at that time to begin writing tarot songs.  I also mused that some day I would like to make my own tarot deck, and that I would want it to be round.

The first tarot song I wrote was for the High Priestess card:


You stand alone inside the door
Your light is gone, your god denied
Cry "Come to me, O Blue Lady,
"Guide me to the other side..."

Don't fear the Dark Lady
She'll bring you to yourself.

For yonder comes the Evil King
All circled 'round with belching flame
Sings "There is no hope, there is no god,
"No up or down; you have no Name!"

Now cry the Dark Lady
She'll bring you to yourself.

She comes to you, she takes your hand
She leads you to the Temple Green
Do you know her as she knows you
And all your daemons yet unseen?

Don't fear the Dark Lady
She'll bring you to yourself.

For silver moons adorn her brow
And golden snakes adorn her feet
The veil she lifts; you reach her now
You meet her eyes so wise and deep

Don't fear the Dark Lady
She'll bring you to yourself.

Song "Blue Lady" copyright 1965 Shekhinah Mountainwater
Written for the High Priestess card in the Tarot
This song can be heard on Shekhinah's tape or CD "Songs of My Life"
Available from Crone Chambers Productions Ink at:

SHEKHINAH'S TAROT:  This song presaged the Goddess path I would soon embrace.  Years later, after reading The White Goddess by Robert Graves, moving to the redwood forests in central California, and gathering circles of women around me, I finally began work on what was to become Shekhinah's Tarot.  In  my quest to reify the Sacred Feminine, I made many changes to the tarot.  One was to change the name of the High Priestess card to that of Priestess, in my efforts to develop an egalitarian archetypal system.  Come find out more about Shekhinah's Tarot by clicking this link:


SYNCHRONICITY:  A reading works by synchronicity or the connection between concurrent events.  The experienced reader develops that sixth sense that intuits the connections between your situation and questions, the cards that appear, and her own inner voice.  There also seems to be a kind of synchronicity about when and where a reading occurs, and who the reader and readee will be.  Readings happen in Goddess time, and the seeker and reader connect as if it were meant to be.  When a reading works there is a destiny involved; you have made a connection specific to who you are and what you seek.  One readers' approach may not work for you, while another's will.

CONNECTIONS:  By the same token a reader's client comes to her in synch with the energies between them, with the moment in time and space, with the subject of the reading, and sometimes with her own issues.  I have come to see that the occurrence of any reading has a magic about it.  Clients who appear have a special connection with my spirit, and I with theirs.  We have been brought together for reasons specific to us.  This doesn't mean that the reader that didn't connect for you is necessarily "bad" or "wrong."  It could be that it just wasn't the appropriate connection, or time, or place for you and them to interact in a reading.  Seek for the reading and reader that are right for you.

HISTORY:  Divination is a right brain function, and priestesses have always been oracles.  In ancient times it was commonplace to seek oracular assistance, and practitioners of divination were sought by folks in all walks of life, from the most humble to the most powerful members of society.  Later periods of history brought rationalism, science, and left brain thinking; and practices like tarot, astrology and palmistry fell into disrepute.  They never completely disappeared though, surfacing for a time at carnivals and fortune-tellers' booths, with an aura of the "weird," the "intriguing," and the "sensational." 

AND TODAY:  It's interesting that now in our present time oracles are gaining credibility and are widely sought once again.  As humanity evolves a marriage is occurring between the practical and the mystical, the psychic and the intellectual, the magical and the mundane.  In times of crisis rational solutions alone may not satisfy the needs of the soul.  Right and left brain are needed together, and often it is the divination process that catalyzes this joining.

Tarot has become intrinsic to my spiritual path.  It never ceases to teach me, to guide me, and to inspire me.  I love the cards, and dearly love to share their magic.  I pray that you, the seeker, will find our readings helpful, illuminating and empowering...  that in our sessions you will feel supported, trusting, and embraced by the Goddess. 
So Be It! 
Blessed Be


PLEASE NOTE:  Shekhinah reads for folks age 18 and up, and of every gender.  These readings are not intended to replace  professional services in legal, psychological, educational, spiritual, financial, medical, or any other  fields.  She welcomes seekers of every sexual orientation, religion, race, class, nationality  and background;  provided they come with respect and honor.