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Hi everybody!  Welcome to the Cave of Current Events.  My name is Wella, and you can tell I'm a Weremaid because I have wings and a tale.  Come to the HOME CAVE to find out more about me. 

This cave is the place to come to find out where and when Shekhinah is Appearing and Disappearing.  <g>  We will list concerts, workshops, rituals, classes, radio and tv spots, chatroom happenings, and any other offerings as they arise.  (This cave last updated 12/1/06)

Shekhinah is available for various events at your invitation. 
Come to the cave of MAGICAL OFFERINGS for suggestions
and ideas.  To make inquiries email us at shekhinahmoon@aol.com
or call us at:

(831) 423-7639

between 2PM and 2AM CA time.. 

(Looking for a tarot reading?  Come to the TAROT cave for details on ordering.)



Frey Faust in Flight **

Announcing "Viva Shekhinah!" a benefit performance and ritual for Shekhinah Mountainwater, to help her survive cancer.  This event takes place in Santa Cruz California, at the Motion Pacific Dance Studio downtown.  The address is 408 Front Street.  For more information contact ana@anadance.com , 831/234-4375
The event will happen twice, on Friday Dec 1st at 8:30 PM and Saturday, Dec 2nd at 8:00 PM.  Tickets at the door are $10-to-infinity-sliding scale.  :0)
Included in the program will be a raffle and silent auction.  Anyone wishing to donate an item or service of value to this effort can contact Raven Lang at: ravenlang@sbc.global.net  or Karen Ehrlich at goddessrep@earthlink.net

Shekhinah's beautiful son Frey Faust, world famous dancer, will perform!  Benefit or not, this
is an experience not to miss!  Also included will be eight-year-olds Rhiannon and Isabella, doing
aerial dance, Miranda Janeschild dancing to Shekhinah's music, Molly Hartwell and Copperwoman
singing.  All the performers have been influenced over the years by Shekhinah's muse-ical

Below is a rough draft of the program.  See you there!


Mistress of Ceremonies: Raven Lang


Witch Song: Lyrics & vocals: Molly Hartwell

The Raven: Lyrics: Marca Cassidy Vocals: Molly Hartwell


Choreography: Miranda Janeschild

Aerial Dance: Rhionnan Janeschild, Isabella Engleman



Lyrics, vocals & guitar: Copperwoman


"Lady with the Lamp"
Composed by Shekhinah for the Hermit card in the Tarot
Lyrics, vocals and guitar: Shekhinah


Idea & dance: Frey Faust





Idea, Choreography & Dance: Frey Faust



Muse-ical priestess: Shekhinah Mountainwater

Dance: Miranda Janeschild



Mistress of Ceremonies: Raven Lang


Comments From Participants:


Molly Hartwell:

(Molly has been singing for as long as she can remember, and performing since age 5. Her voice
is the mirror of her heart and the truest expression of her soul.  She wants to touch the place in
your heart that you keep hidden, to draw it out, serenade it, to remind you that you are perfect and
sacred, just as you are.  She offers her voice in deep gratitude to life.)

my prayer for shekkinah....

 I envision Shekkinah vital and whole, drenched in health and juicy well-being.  May she
live a long, glorious, fulfilling life.   Viva Shekkinah!


Shekhinah Mountainwater:


I am a 67 year old Crone witch, a midwife of the Womanspirit movement, a Musician,

Poet, and Ritualist.  I adore the Goddess in all Her expressions - as Maiden,

Mother and Crone...as Nature, Woman and Man... as the Abundance that is born

from Love...as the Love that Desires us into Being.  As Liberation and Transformation,

Creativity and Passion...as Nurture and Power and the Balance between them. 

As Magic and Healing...and the Beginning, Middle and End of all things.  But mostly

I adore Her as the Ecstatic Muse, Who has shaped my path, and informed my own

life and the life I have shared with my children.   May She come through us strong

tonight, my friends, and bring the Healing as only She can do...So Mote It Be.  

Blessed Be.


"The Healer and the Healed":  


       Tonight's sharings will culminate in a ritual circle in which all are invited to participate.  
Come into the spinning vortex of the Ecstatic Muse, where She will weave you into Her web
of exquisite song, heartfelt invocation, and transforming magic.  Shekhinah will facilitate as
your muse-ical priestess, and Miranda will dance for your delight.  If you wish you can prepare
yourself ahead of time by thinking about what is healing or needs healing in your own life,
as well as wishes, prayers or energy sent towards Shekhinah's healing from cancer.


To all who attend and participate: "Viva Shekhinah!"  would never have
without YOU!

Thank you sooo much for helping to create, participating and being present at this community event to raise money bringing relief to the financial burden, Shekhinah has to carry on her path towards healing. Thank you for all the energy, thoughts, passion and creativity you put into this benefit. Besides assuring quality medical care for Shekhinah, our celebration tonight will generate the most powerful medicine: LOVE

A few words about cancer from Shekhinah:


Dear Friends,


"Cancer is often referred to by words like carcinoma and carcinogen...surprizingly
similar to the word "incarcerate."  Cancer can result from imprisonment, from
being blocked in one's flow of creative expression... made to be silent by a world
that does not always support creative people very well, or listen with care to our
artists, our women, our mothers and grandmothers.  To have one's creative
expressions denied and unshared is to die a little inside each day that goes by in suppression.  Joyous self expression is one of the antidotes to cancer.  And if you
think of cancer as  metaphor for the isolations and repressions of this society,
you can also think of how releasing the Muse's flow brings about the healing.



 So come to the circle oh beloveds, and flow with us in the music, the dance, the

poetry of Truth and Beauty

Much love, Shekhinah"


We invite you to participate in the SILENT AUCTION held out in the lobby before

 and after the show as well as during intermission.

These donations/gifts are generously presented so that each one of you can look at them
and read about them.  If you are interested in buying the gift, then make an offer on it
by  writing  your name, address, telephone number and email  with an amount that you
offer on the paper that will be provided with each donation. The highest bidder will be
the winner. Please remember that this is to create as much money for Shekhinah as
possible when making your offer.

The announcement of the winners will take place during the night of  the 2nd performance.
If you are not there for the announcement, we  will be in touch with you and let you know
how to connect with the gift that you have purchased.

From Frey Faust, Dancer Extraordinaire and Shekhinah's beauty-full son:

Many were the times the next step seemed impossible. The way was barred by my own inertia, sorrow
and a leaden sense of futility. Just as many were the times I took that impossible next step and found
that the next one was waiting, easier than the first… and so on. After many, many steps I discovered
something… I know now that it is the moments when you learn something that give the journey value,
they are so worth waiting for. Without the journey, however, we would never be there to receive those
This dance is journey and discovery both.

“I perceive health as a relative thing. There are always losses. Death and decrepitude is waiting for us all.
To truly be alive is to be vigilant, watchful of the gateways to our bodies, sensitive to our environments,
seeking dry ground and choosing the finest foods and the best friends and lovers and education. Yet
illness will overtake us all at some point, giving us the opportunity to feel the value of this precious moment
we have here together more acutely, helping us to remember that our days are numbered in this form, the
first reason not to squander what time we have. Illness reminds us that if we don't need our bodies, other
beings have a use for them.  
Challenging us to rise to the occasion, testing our love of the miracle of life,
our dedication to ourselves and to those who really matter in our lives.  My life-giver, my beloved mother Shekhinah, stands in her darkest hour as an inspiration to me and to all of us; firm in her vitality, creative and dedicated to her cause, open and willing to change and grow. She is an irresistible beacon for me, leading me back from the edge of depression and bewilderment. I feel that her healing is mine as well.” 
Frey Faust


…about Frey: 

(Structured Improvisation)

Just as I am getting used to something, I’ll do something else… ok?

He loves to move. In the past 35 years, he danced ALOT... and made a few pieces.
He also enjoys teaching dancing.


From Miranda Janeschild:

Even though I am currently known as the director of an aerial dance company,
Mir & A Company, my background and study with Shekhinah must be acknowledged
as this experience fully infuses my artistic visions.  I am deeply rooted in performance
ritual that began with Shekhinah Mountainwater in 1982 and continued through 1991.
Shekhinah and I along with other women met on a weekly basis, marked our daily
schedules, life experiences and menses by the moon and sun cycles.  We celebrated
the eight holy days through myth, song, and passing of the rattle.  The most powerful
of these experiences was to discover the link between the personal human condition
and the natural world.  This link for us was celebrated through enacting female-centered
myths with music, song, and dance in ritual. The value of women centered gatherings
(was not in excluding men but) enabling the soft voices of women to come shining
forward in a male dominated world.

Full Circle

In the time I studied with Shekhinah I did not know Frey.  Shekhinah talked of him
dancing in Europe. She spoke with great joy and enthusiasm of sharing performances
with Frey as a child while he moved in dance and pantomime with Shekhinah’s mythic
songs.  Later, when Frey was very well known and I was studying with him, he spoke
of these child experiences enriching his direction as an artist. I am now very honored
to join Shekhinah again in ritual and bring my daughter, Rhiannon Janeschild and dance
partner Isabella Engleman to perform an aerial dance.  Having these eight-year-old
children share in dance is also to honor Shekhinah bringing alive the muse in Frey when
he was a child. I am humbled to look back and reflect on the time I have spent with both
Shekhinah and Frey separately.   I now join them in this healing performance ritual with
my child.  I feel a circle of life has spiraled to some completion that was not planned and
yet is fitting to have happened in Shekhinah’s presence.  I enter tonight with much love
and appreciation for the gifts bestowed upon me through Shekhinah.

Hold Wholeness Holy
Surrender into the Divine Within
Drink Deeply of the Well
It nourishes and sustains
Love All that You Are
This Heals Everything


Born singing, love singing and love providing space for people to sing together. The Great
Mother realizing this, has graciously sent many songs through me and with gratitude, I
have been a receptive channel. I have recorded 5 CD’s mostly of original songs and I
sing with groups of people at gatherings several times a year. 

The first time I remember meeting Shekhinah was at Cabrillo College where we
both sang songs for a Malvina Renolds memorial. That was 28 years ago. Our paths have
crossed many times since then. Just a year and a half ago I completed treatment for
breast cancer. During my own experience, many songs came to me to help along the way.
I am happy to be here tonight to support Shekhinah during her healing journey and share
those songs with you.


Viva Shekhinah!




Come join the Moonspell Study Circle, a
place to be with sisters on the web for
classes in Goddess Magic and Women's
Mysteries. We have several threads
now in progress:
Creating lunar
calendars, using the Moonwheels

invented by Shekhinah.   "Womanrunes," focussing on
Shekhinah's new divination system and magical
alphabet.  Learn about runings (rune divination), rune writing,
signing and "spelling," and making bindrunes
.  Deep Shielding,
a form of magical protection in the ancient Celtic Woman
Warrior tradition. 
Magic in the Womanspirit tradition...
Working the Thread - studying Shekhinah's Book "Ariadne's
Thread, A Workbook of Goddess Magic." 
Choose your
topic and follow the thread with support from other
sisters and facilitators...


We work via messaging, email, live
chat, and individual emails or phone calls as needed. 
To join Moonspell Study Circle, come to the yahoo
site here:


Click on "Join This Group" at the top of the page. 
Our moderators will then be in touch, and you will
receive our Rite of Entry email

Here is the link to the Study Circle home page:


For information on Shekhinah's background and
qualifications, click


(Illustration "Aradia" above by Shekhinah, from "Shekhinah's Tarot"
Beautifully colored by Lavender)



Shekhinah is a mystical, magical, muse-ical
woman who has been writing and performing
her unique mythic songs for many years.
She is a founding mother of the womanspirit
movement and author of the classic Ariadne's
Thread. Her music has been the thread
that weaves through everything she offers,
from ritual circles, to magical classes, to her
development of a radical thealagie. It is music to
entrance and cast a spell, with deep lyrics and rich
open tunings on a wild guitar...a rare experience
not to be missed.

"...the Bob Dylan of the women's spirituality
Kris Aaron, former reviewer for Circle Network News

"Shekhinah's is the note that's played when the 
transcendence is ready..."
 Dennis Parnassus

To arrange for concerts, singing circles, chanting workshops or musical
classes, contact Shekhinah by phone or email: 
(831) 423-7639 (After
12 noon)  shekhinahmoon@aol.com


Frey Faust, Shekhinah's beauty-full dancing
son, has created a book about his
 method of dance, "The Axis Syllabus."  Here's what Shekhinah has to
say about it: 


"True to the tradition of our family, Frey has helped to begin a revolution. 
My mother Frances Witlin gave us the legacy through her radicalism, her
passion for egalitarianism, and her great love for the arts.  I picked up the
thread through my music, and when I discovered feminist spirituality
in the early 1970's, helping to catalyze a widespread awakening. 
It began when Frey and his sister Angel were very small, dancing so
beautifully to my songs.  The pure ecstasy of our creative expressions is
now embodied by Frey in his extraordinary flights of movement.  It still
takes my breath away to watch him.  Often when I urge people to go see
him work, they are skeptical, thinking, "well, you are his mother."  But
I know, as do the thousands who have seen, that he is one of the great.

In this book Frey offers a dance one can do all one's life without injury
to the body, and a profound message that will engender a peaceful world,
filled with dancers."

Want to find out more about Frey's book or order a copy?  Click
HERE or on the orange cover image above... 




This is Diane Patterson, Shekhinah's beloved friend and Goddess-sister. 
Diane's music is truly wonderous and transforming.  Her partner and event
organizer Kelle Green is a powerful visionary for peace and creative community.

Contact Info:  Greeneye Records (Kelle Green), 831-515-4100 xt 107




See Shekhinah for Tarot Readings

Shekhinah offers Tarot Readings using her handmade Goddess deck

To order readings by phone, or  online, come to the TAROT cave...




This is Frey Faust, Shekhinah's Amazing Dancing Son

Frey Faust in flight 5/04 **

In the early days of Shekhinah's Goddess awakening, it was her mythic
songs that formed its expression, interpreted by the miraculous dancing
of her two children, Frey and Freya (Now Angel).  Naming their little
family troupe The Sybil, after the ecstatic priestesses of old, they
offered their unique magic in concerts, at fairs, in schools, and many
other venues.  Frey has since gone on to become a world class dancer,
traveling planet-wide to teach and perform his astonishing and highly
developed art form.  Shekhinah went on to become a founding mother
of the Womanspirit movement, a teacher, tarotist, thealagian, ritualist
and author.  Her music continues to be the thread that weaves through
all.  Many sisters and brothers have participated in Shekhinah's artful
and musical rituals honoring the Goddess.  Now the circle spirals 'round
again, as mother and son re-unite in art and spirit, inviting you, dear
earthlings, to join in the mystery. 

Watch this space for announcements about Shekhinah's work with Frey

Frey's Website:



 ** Photo above of Frey in flight by Ferrucci
Makeup by Leaf