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"We are a circle, within a circle,

With no beginning

And never ending..."

Painting "The Garden  Hesperides" by Sir Edward Burne Jones



Hi darlings... it's me, Wella again.  I am a weremaid 'cause I have wings and a tale.  If you haven't seen me 'til now c'mon over to the Home Cave and find out all about me...

The Cave of Magicalinks is our networking community web space.  Here we will list  address-links to the sites of like-spirited folk around the internet, along with a little information about them.   Each has agreed or requested to be here, and is including linkage to Moonspell at their site too.  We hope you will visit them and join the dance...



MOONSPELLS, our women's Goddess community circle for
schmoozing,ranting, rituals, magic, healing, sisterhood and more:


MOONSPELL STUDY CIRCLE, our Goddess classroom, featuring
teachings by Shekhinah in the Womanspirit tradition. Personal
loving attention for each student. Learn to make your own Moon-
wheel calendar, work with Womanrunes, create a Power Shield,
study Shekhinah's Tarot and many other subjects, with a fore-
mother of the movement.  "Catch me while you can" says our
elder, Shekhinah, now age 65... Small fees requested.

DEEP FEMINISM, our forum for Goddess politics:

MOONSPELL FAIRE, our magical giveaway and marketplace:


                                                             Come meet Elsie
and Pooka!  This is a site for magic lovers of all ages and the child in us all. 
The stories and pictures of Elsie, the little country witch, and her delightful
kitty Pooka are delicious, hearwarming, and so appealing.  Lora Craig-Gaddis,
the artist and author is a very magical lady indeed and has even more to offer...


This is the website of our circle sister Ariadne Pythia,
where she is offering her magnificent magical oils and
powders.  Click on her loga to visit, view and order;
also to enjoy her indepth Goddess scholarship.

Ariadne will soon also be offering handmade
prayerbeads, so come back often to be




This is the website of Sarah Campbell, an herbalist
and priestess.   She says: "All of the herbs in my garden are lovingly
tended with guidance from plant and spirit allies, using organic methods,
and are harvested by hand.  A few herbs are wildcrafted ..."  She
makes body, healthcare, and ceremonial products by hand, in small batches,
with an awareness of lunar and seasonal cycles. Sarah also offers classes
teaching her wonderful skills.  Come to her site to find out about
these very special offerings and more...(Also come here to purchase
my book, Ariadne's Thread!

Tidewater Pagan Women is a Sacred Circle of eclectic women
of all ages, gathering for support, encouragement and learning
from one another.  Woven by wonderful sisters Linda and Rory
who are members of Shekhinah's Moonspell Community. (see above)
You can find their newsletter here each Sabbat and info on
future events. 

http://www.creolemagic.com/  Creolemagik is an online
spiritual store that offers supplies, resources,
and information on many mystical pursuits, such
as Psychic Tools, Divination, Wicca and many
pagan pathways.  Watch for the opening of their
offline store in Atlanta GA, to be announced! 
Creolemoon, creatrix of this wonderful site, has recently posted my book,
Ariadne's Thread, for sale there.  :0)

Z Budapest is a wise, wild, Crone Priestess/woman who has
dedicated her life to serving and teaching about the Great Cosmic Mother of all.
Z is a founding foremother of Women's Spirituality.

http://www.ravensavatars.com/   Meet Midnight Raven, and click on this
link to see her tarot art and poetry.  She is creating a unique deck,
inspired by her work with "Ariadne's Thread,"  

http://www.ancientgoddesspilgrimage.com/newindex.htmlThis is the link
to Ancient Goddess Pilgrimages, website of our Irish faery sister
Amantha.  Here you can arrange to travel to the magic places in that
beautiful country where the Goddess spirit still waxes strong.  Amantha
says: "
Come on a Journey to the Ancient Goddess and experience Her
faces through the Land and through Her stories...For this now is a time
of woman...when we...can find our true rhythms...and honor these
sacred places in our psyches."

http://www.witchvox.com/This is the site of The Witch's Voice, an
amazing resource for all pagans on positive paths.  Come here to read
up on the latest witchy issues and news, find listings for events, groups,
products and services.  Witchvox supports us all by giving any pagan
who wishes free space to announce their activities, voice opinions, find

http://www.linkny.com/~seasons/ This is the link to "Seasons in the
Sun", a "Metaphysical Resource Center, Bookstore, and Magical Market-
place."  This website belongs to my dear sister, friend, and former
correspondence student Pam Sekula.  Pam is one of the few who actually
completed the course of Ariadne's Thread and was awarded by me with
the Wise Woman Certificate.  She is a delightful sister with lots of
energy and a loving soul.  Her shop in rural N.Y. state is making revo-
lution, bringing magic and consciousness-raising to that conservative
area!  Click on this link and discover all her wonderful offerings.

http://www.birthkeeper.com/   This is a newer website of Jeannine
Parvati Baker, Lay Midwife, Ashtanga Yogini, Astrologer, Founder of
Hygieia College, Herbal Medicine Woman, Mother of Six, Author of
Prenatal Yoga and Natural Childbirth, Hygieia, A Woman's Herbal, and
co-author of Conscious Conception.  Says Shekhinah: "I met Parvati
many years ago when she lived in my area, and we were both pioneering
the Womanspirit movement.  She is a phenomenal woman and a wellspring
of knowledge and creativity.  Also see Parvati's original website Freestone
Innerprizes at http://www.freestone.org/

http://www.cyprian.org/Index/  This link will take you to The Index,
A Pagan networking organization for the greater San Francisco Bay Area
from Big Sur to Sacramento and all points between. Says Constance, its
moderator: "Founded in 1987 by Constance De Binero and Brook Attic,
The Index takes its name from the list the Papal Inquisition kept of
accused heretics, including those accused of the heresy of Witchcraft
(we have taken the name to honor Witches past and present), and was
born of the frustration of having to write to Circle Sanctuary
http://www.circlesanctuary.org/) in Wisconsin to find someone 15 minutes
away.  Our main purpose is to provide local event listings, and networking for
Wiccan, Pagan, Asatru, Umbanda, Druid, Shamanic, Thelema, Egyptian, and
other Neo-Pagan traditions in California's SF Bay Area."


http://www.psychicearth.com/  This is the link to Psychic Earth, the
site of my friend Ania Seas.  Ania and her staff offer free readings
in a chatroom here, as well as paid professional readings.  There are
all kinds of fun things at her site; come and see!  :0)  I met Ania when
I was working with Astronet, an online psychic service that folded some
time ago.  She is a beautiful soul and an amazing psychic.

This site is called Sons and
Daughters of Hecate.  It is a temple space, a place of learning, commentary,
and initiation, dedicated to the Goddess Hecate.  Jeannette Morrone, creatrix
and priestess, has given Moonspell a wonderful endorsement and link.  Visit
here for a profound experience of this beautiful and powerful Goddess.

http://www.geocities.com/kerrdelune/index.html   This site is called "Beyond the Fields We Know," and is a wonderful magical place created by Kerr de Lune or Cate.  I met Cate online through various e-connections, and she has graciously listed me twice at her site.  "Beyond the Fields We Know" is a unique and witchy experience, filled with the eloquent musings of this profound and creative woman.  Find words of power, images of runes and ancient stones, poetic ramblings into fantasy worlds and fascinating ideas.  Says Cate on her home page:   "This place is about the Journey, and about the places magical, mysterious and unseen which lie beyond one's field of vision, deep within the forests of the human imagination."

http://www.thebeltanepapers.net/ This is the link to the website of The Beltane Papers, one of our most venerable womanspirit publications, founded over 20 years ago by Helen Farias, who has since departed for the faery realm.  Helen is one of the great souls of the movement, and deserves our appreciation for the scholarship, passion and vision she brought to our community and to The Beltane Papers.  While the Papers are not the same today without Helen's input, they still keep her tradition of fine material.  (I am most blessed to have had a number of pieces published here.  In the latest issue see my articles "What is Womanpath?," "Mists of Avalon; Third Viewing," and "In Defense of Maiden/Mother/Crone.")  Follow this link for excerpts from current issues, archives of past issues, connections to relevant sites, and/or to join the readers' e-list. 

http://www.geocities.com/tarotlaydee/powergems.html  This is one of the many sites of Tarotlaydee, also known as WalkingSheWolf and Anita... a dear friend, priestess, Dianic witch, and true sister.  Her dedication to the Path is awesome and her psychic gifts are considerable.   Anita offers readings using Tarot, Runes, Crystals and other forms of divination.  She also teaches classes in Wicca, Tarot, and many other subjects.  For more information you can email her at:  Tarotlaydee@aol.com  Among her many other activities Anita is active in a Dianic circle in the Tampa Fla area called EarthWaterGlade.  Visit their website at:

http://www.syster-tree.co.uk/  Syster Tree is a community of pagan
women in the U.K., designed to create support and information access
to its members.  They have  an egalitarian philosophy that includes
women of diverse backgrounds, and a collective approach to organizing. 
Syster Tree holds two main events each year; on the land in the summer,
and indoors in the winter.  Children and menfolk are welcome.  They
also have an online marketplace for items crafted by members, and an
international page of links. 

http://www.amarisse.net/  This is the site of my friend Sunny, who
has been a staunch supporter of Ariadne's Thread for quite some time. 
Sunny is a witch, a priestess, a writer, an artist, a mother, and a
community builder.  She is also, like me, enjoying the creative
delights of building a website.  Click on her link to discover this
intelligent and gifted sister; join her discussion boards for pithy and
relevant topics; see her sections on pagan parenting, cooking feasts
for the holy days, recommended reading, and lots of other goodies...

 http://www.geocities.com/starra009/index.html This is the beautiful
site of Luna-Star Xylia, which honors both Goddesses and Gods.  This
lovely passionate sister graciously shared the magic golden moon which
now graces the Moonspell title!  Here is what she says about herself:

"Merry  Meet! ... I am a Witch, Wife and Life Partner to
Dragon, Mother of three wonderful Daughters and a hopeful Adoptive
Mother...  And on some days I am a Poet, Aspiring Writer, and
always a Seeker of Truths. ...after searching for the Divine Truth
that is Her in some of the Patriarchal religions, I found Her waiting
ever patiently for me as I Journeyed.  Blessed Be!"

www.GreatGoddess.org This is the website of Vajra Ma, a true and
long time sister who has shared circle with me, and once
directed a presentation of my "Myth of the Kore."  (Come to
Koreturn cavelet in THEALAGIE to learn about this myth.) 
She is an amazingly beautiful soul, a powerful priestess, and kindred
spirit.  Here is what she says of her offerings:  "This is fully
embodied work based in The Tantric Dance of Feminine Power
that takes you directly into your core of power. Woman
Mysteries of the Ancient Future Sisterhood is a mystery
school and Priestess lineage that integrates Goddess knowledge,[and]
feminist consciousness...it is a spiritual treasure... the Yoga of Shakti..."

http://www.darkmoondesigns.net/ This is the site of Jane Brideson,
wonderful Goddess artist and calligrapher.  I met Jane when I was
in Glastonbury, England, a few years ago, where she had a booth
at the Goddess Festival there.  Jane loves my book, Ariadne's Thread,
and is a true sister. Her art is simply breathtaking; do go and see.
Here's what Jane says about herself and her work:
"I am an artist and witch living amongst Anu's green hills in Ireland.
My inspiration is drawn from the Goddess, the Land and the cycles of
Nature.  I spend my time painting, running a witchcraft training circle
and living contentedly with my partner, friends & cats..."

http://hipwitch.com  This is the website of my wonderful online friend
Hipwitch.  She is a great soul, a brilliant witch, and forward thinker.   
We have found to our delight that we both respond deeply to the
mysteries of the Dark Goddess.  Hipwitch has encouraged me greatly
in the development of my thearies regarding the Dark and Bright
Maiden archetypes.  Her website is a place to build community, with
forums on many relevant topics, space to post your own articles, vote on
issues, keep a journal, find companions.  Check out Hipwitch's
provocative articles!

http://www.eholley.net/index.html  Come meet the magnificent Holley,
sister to my housemate Elena, activist, Amazon, midwife,
witch, and deep woman.  At Holley's Hollow she shares her life, her
thoughts, Goddess lore, holy day info, family memories, poetry,
current pagan protest events, and more.  Brave Holley was present
at a peaceful demonstration in Miami recently, where she was shot
by police in the breast by a rubber bullet.  She is recovering well now.
Holley calls her website "humble," but I find it profound and powerful
in its simplicity and honesty.

http://members.aol.com/marahco/index.htmlThis is the online
webshop of Marah, a long time Goddess woman, priestess, teacher,
author and very magical lady.  She offers hand-blended incenses,
perfumes, and aromatherapy essentials; also herbs, books, candles,
calendars, and other goddess-oriented and magical products,
available by mail order, or by email with a credit card.  Marah
has been around for decades, like me, and has not swerved from
her commitment to the Goddess and her priestess work.