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I call upon the Air Crones
For their powers to cut away falsehood and tell it like it is
For their ability to Know
Like nobody but a Crone Knows
O most insightful of sisters
Will you come?
Come bring to us your biting wit and cackling laughter
Your pithy witchy words
Your runes of power
Your brooms that fly by night
And your wondrous gifts of Counsel, Myth, and Teachings

Oh Grokking Goddesses
We entreat you
To grace our circle with your presence
Will you come?

I call upon the Fire Crones
For their Cauldrons of Rebirth and Transformation
And their Power to Change Anything
Into Anything
Oh most outrageous of sisters
Will you come?
Come bring to us your wild and spinning dances
Your widdershins
Your jazzy beat
Your drums of power
Your political chutzpah
Your wise use of energy
Your temperance and alchemy
And your wondrous gifts of Cleansing and Renewal

Oh most Sacred Goddesses
We entreat you
To grace our circle with your presence
Will you come?

I call upon the Earth Crones
For their powers of caves and sacred stones
Their monuments and mounds of mystery
And their ability to live on in root and bone and seed
Oh most ancient of sisters
Will you come?
Come bring to us your gnarly twisted arms and branches
Your white white bones
Your husks and cast-off skins
Your weather work and healing hands
Your silent graves
Your wort cunning
Your nature mysteries
Your wise traditions
And your wondrous gifts of Death and Resurrection

O Deepening Goddesses
We entreat you
To grace our circle with your presence
Will you come?

I call upon the Water Crones
For their powers of Transcendance and Tranquility
And their ability to understand emotions
Oh Wisest of Sisters
Will you come?
Come bring to us your subterranean waters
Your cleansing storms
Your therapies and psychic healing
Your ritual baths in your cauldrons of reflection
Your deep and seasoned Love
Your directed passion
Your self-realization and individuation
And your wondrous gifts of Sight and Divination

All-seeing Goddesses
We entreat you
To grace our circle with your presence
Will you come?

I call upon the Spirit Crones
For their power to shift their shapes and travel inward
And their ability to  preside at crossroads
And turn the wheels of fate
O most magical of sisters
Will you come?
Come bring to us your prayers and spells of power
Your hidden mysteries
Your woven destinies and karmic wisdom
Your multitude of worlds
Your astral journeys
And your wondrous gifts of Passage and Initiation

O Ineffable Goddesses
We entreat you
To grace our circle with your presence
Will you come?



I am the Crack Between the Worlds
I am the Veil that is Thinning
I am Hecate, Persephone, Ariadne
I am the End
And the Beginning...



  I sometimes call myself a "Hallowe'en baby" because my birthday falls exactly one week before the 31st of October.  It seems to me the entire week is magical and special -  all a continuum of holy days.  Folks seem to be searching the web  for magic and inspiration for celebrating these times, so I thought I'd offer a few musings here.  Isn't it wonderful how this, our most powerful holy day has survived?  And making a huge comeback it would appear, with multitudes of celebrations, pagan rituals, haunted houses, trick-or-treaters, town   parades, new products in the stores.  Word is even out that Hallowe'en has become a more popular holiday than Christmas! 

I'm sure all the radical lesbian feminist witches who have been working underground all these years have helped to charge up Hallowe'en and spread the magic.  Many celebrants have no idea, but there is a subtle influence that happens when sisters channel the Goddess at this time, that resonates out from the esoteric and into the mainstream.  Maybe they don't realize it, but even folks generating images of ghoulies and ghosties, long nosed witches, creepies and crawlies, skeletons and scaries are relating to the underlying themes of our ancient Hallows Eve; the Crone, the Ancestors, the Ancient Mothers, Death, and the Spirit Realm...  Trick-or-treaters are the returned ancestors coming to our door to be nourished that our collective future be fed.  Witches, real witches, come in for special attention this time of year, and we find ourselves and our colleagues showing up on TV, or radio, or in the news.  Hello...  we don't actually disappear after Hallowe'en, folks!  It would be nice if our spirituality were recognized and honored for all eight holidays around the year wheel.  But Hallowe'en is a start, and many witches are glad, me included, for the opportunity to raise consciousness.

Suggestions for ritual that can be done together in person, in solitude, together on the psychic internet, or together on the electronic internet:

Wear black, light black candles, have black stones on the altar, prepare a cauldron with slips of paper for burning up unwanted phenomena which can be written on these ahead of time...
Prepare luscious foods of the season to be feasted upon after the ceremony

Cast the circle and include plenty of protection
Invoke the ansisters
Invoke the grandmothers
Invoke Crone Goddesses and Dark Goddesses like Cerridwen, Hecate, Morrigan, Spider Woman.
Ask for help in clearing away what is unwanted and bringing in positive things to replace them
Remember the Burning Times and send healing and love to all the sister witches through the ages who have been tortured or burned or oppressed in any way
Take a psychic journey into Avalon and meet with the nine priestesses there who lead you to the Crone Goddess who gives you advice for the banishing rite you are about to do
Come back gently to this world and then light up the cauldron and burn up all the things that have been written up- thoroughly.

We can also take advantage of this time of undoings to banish the patriarchy or masculated patterns in society.  ("Masculated," a wonderful new word coined by Genevieve Vaughan, is about the way values and perceptions in patriarchy have become imbued with attitudes that say "I am not a nurturer," or, in other words, denigrate the sacredness and importance of qualities considered feminine or female.  Anyone, female or male can demonstrate masculated behaviours and attitudes.)

One of the methods I have used in circles for this type of working is to create ahead of time a very long chain made of black construction paper.  I learned this idea from BJ, a wonderful witch sister, who actually created 50 feet of black paper chain one year for our community Samhain ritual.  This represents the chains of patriarchy.

The chain is laid upon the floor, stretched circularly inside the rim of the circle, so that it is place in front of all members.  At the appointed time, we pick up the chain so that all are holding it in our hands.  We chant:

"Nine million witches were burned!
Nine million witches were burned!
Nine million witches were burned!
(add any other atrocities as appropriate)
How many women been raped?
Too many young children abused
How many black people been slaves?
So many Native Americans destroyed!
Six million Jews were killed!
Nine million witches were burned!
Nine million witches were burned!

And so on and so on until we have built up a strong vibration with our righteous rage and chanting.  As we chant we are charging up the chain with all that it represents.  On the final NEVER AGAIN!  we lift the chain above our heads and break it!  We stand for a time in silence, contemplating the significance of what we have just done.  Then gather up the pieces of the chains of patriarchy and add them to the cauldron for burning.

Chant simultaneously:
"Goddesses of darkest night
Send our troubles all to flight
Burn them in thy sacred fires
Replace them with our heart's desires!"

Also chant: "With harm to none, with harm to none...!"

Other potent words for banishment:

Begone from Below!
Begone from Above!
Begone from Beside Us!
Begone from Before!
Begone from Behind!
Begone from Within!

Once the burnings are done, cover up the cauldron and light up some sweet smelling incense
Do a group or solitary visualization and affirmation for conjuring good experiences and manifestations to replace what has been removed. (Remember mama don't like vacuums! :0) )
Add any other ritual happenings that you feel inspired to include
Thank and say farewell to all those you have called in
Ground and open the circle
Feast and make merry! :0)

Happy Hallows everyone...


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